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Photo Booth Rental Cost in Charlotte-Photo Booth Rental Charlotte

Photo Booth Rental Cost in Charlotte

“You get what you paid for!”

We’ve all came across the well-known phrase, “You get what you paid for” yet sometimes you do not usually understand when something is actually very inexpensive or totally too expensive. So where can you likely to find out what the normal cost can be?


A typical price for a photo booth nationwide will vary from $400 on the low end to $1500 depending on variables and also $3000+ for multi-day trade shows and corporate events.


What is the real photo booth rental rate?

If you were hoping for much less yet $500-$1500 seems to be an extra accurate cost for a photo booth rental with attachments that can rise all the way to $3000 or even higher, depending on the specifications. To some that could be a bit pricey. To others that price range is easy. The factor for such a big swing is because there are a lot of variables at play. It’s difficult to separate the bare fundamentals from the not-so-important photo booth rental accessories. It is also hard to inform just what each business does in a different way. Even if a company details out a bullet list of functions it does not imply both services are equivalent. You need to actually take a look at just what makes the business both distinct as well as special.


What are the photo booth rental essentials?

 1.      Rental Time- See to it that you have the correct amount of time for your gathering. Most events require at the very least two hours to begin. 3 hours is more common particularly for weddings. The quantity of time you get at the event is possibly the most important point. Do not go low-cost below. Make certain you get the right amount of time you require.

2.      The Camera- Make sure the camera is a more recent DSLR camera with at least over 18 mega pixels with a good lens. The lens just as vital as the camera, otherwise more crucial. Having a DSLR camera allows for compatible lenses so you’re not stuck with just the set lens. Do not simply think they’re loading the cubicle with the appropriate gear. Request to see a pair high resolution photos of exactly what the last photo high quality will look like.

3.      Lighting equipment- The light they make use of is equally as important. The bigger the light the much better the quality of the light source. Having an umbrella or soft box is suitable so the light is not severe and straight. Picture of it like a cloud covering sunlight. Taking an image of yourself in straight sunshine is not incredibly flattering. It will certainly make your face look glossy as well as produces harsh shadows. You want a photo booth that does not simply direct a straight bare light bulb flash at your face. Especially if this is a wedding event. Individuals are usually coming spruced up and would certainly enjoy to get an excellent looking picture of themselves with their family or partner.

4.      The Printer – See to it they are printing with a dye sublimation printer not an ink jet. Ink Jet printers take a while to print (which implies visitors will be waiting) and also the ink could smudge conveniently from finger prints. Dye Sublimation prints move with warmth and also are promptly completely dry when they appear. Plus,, the photo print out is covered as well as secured. This will certainly shield your photos from wetness or UV lighting for this reason allowing your printouts to last.

5.      Field of expertise– is the photo booth company you are taking into consideration specialize in photo booths or at least, have a history in photography services. Way too many companies are just including photo booths to their endless supply of entertainment or rental services. If the company appears to be a one stop shop, look for everything greater than most likely their not placing most of their everyday interest towards giving the best photo booth experience. Photo booths have a great deal of moving components and also still call for a human touch to get everything functioning perfect.




To start, request a personalized quote! Scroll to the top of the page (or click HERE) and send us a quick message including as much information as possible about your event (i.e.: Name, Phone or Email, date, time, theme, type of event, etc.) so we can recommend on the best approach to your event.



Once you’ve decided on renting a photo booth for your event, we can book your date! The process is very simple, you will receive an agreement from Lets Booth It – Photo Booth Rental Charlotte and once it is signed along with a deposit payment, you can now relax as we will take care of the rest. Lets Booth It – Photo Booth Rental Charlotte will be onsite the day of your event to get the party started!



We will keep you on the loop on the development and with the entire planning process. Choose the perfect backdrop (upgrade fee may apply), your preference on the photo print (logos, static images), and even on how to brand the photo booth (upgrade fee applies). You will receive an email notification and it is where you would communicate all of the tweaks you would need for your perfect photo booth experience.



On the big day we will arrive approximately one hour before the operational start time to set everything up. Once the event starts so does the fun. Your guests are sure to have a blast with our photo booth, props and our professional staff is always at the ready to help with the booth.



Another thing worth pointing out is our Memory Scrapbook service (upgrade fee applies); brides love this as it is a great keepsake from a wedding. Our Memory Scrapbook service allows guests to keep a tangible strip and place the other in the scrapbook, writing personalized notes to the bride and the groom. Once the reception has ended, we are able to provide you with a digital copy of all images (upgrade fee may apply).


Wishing you all the very best in finding the ideal photo booth for your next celebration or event. For all your photo booth rental needs, give us a phone call at Photo Booth Rental Charlotte or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


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